Monday, May 9, 2011


Life has been so hectic lately I haven't had time to come sign in and update.
Life now is changing so quickly... the man is in school to get his CDL so that means he's going to be getting a new much better paying job so we will no longer stress over bills.  You can't imagine the relief that will give me to not worry paycheck to paycheck how we're going to afford life expenses.  On the other hand... I dread the idea of not seeing him, having him here to help me.  I freely admit my depression and mental disorders have gained the upper hand in my life atm so I'm busy applying for some assistance to see about getting back into therapy/on meds again.  I'm a bit down that it's come to this again... but I know I deserve to be healthy & happy, my children deserve to be happy.
Been doing a lot of walking down by the river in our town, a 6 or 8 mile trek everytime... it's been beautiful getting to be so close to nature and the Goddess again. 
A lot of reading... in the middle of reading:
  1. Impulse 
  2. Red Dragon
  3. Wintergirls
  4. Gothic Hollywood
Started doing some painting again :)
My painting I did for Beltane :)

The Goddess Eostre I painted for my Ostara altar
I will try and keep this updated more :) until then blessed be

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