Thursday, September 30, 2010

My birthday

It was my 23rd birthday yesterday! I'm still reeling in the thought that I am moving further and further away from my youth.  Looking back I never would have thought I would have my two beautiful children by now, but am I so glad that changed.  For my big day the little fairies stayed over with my fiance's parents.  The night before we went out for dinner like we usually do, I choose a restaurant called "Applebee's" and we had some yummy food and drinks.
yummy kiwi-melon Sangria
Then the next day one of my best friends Stacy and her sister took my fiance and I to our capital to do some shopping at the mall.  I had a nice little stash of money to go book shopping so I was pretty excited.  We stopped by a used clothing store called "Platos closet" and I was able to find myself a pair of pants for 10 bucks which is a steal and a miracle since I'm so short it's hard to find pants! We went to the mall next through the Barnes and Noble entrance but I closed my eyes as we walked through *giggles*  I found my little fae a ADORABLE dress that I had to buy, pictures are below.  She's my punk rock little princess.

I had to get my little fairy girl a punk rock princess dress.

Here's my bestie and I trying on lacy hats and flowers looking oh  so beautiful    
I managed to find a cute little pink shirt at Pacsun for 2 bucks, we went through Hot Topic of course but everything was way out of my budget.  A sweater for 40 dollars is a little pricey methinks.  We had lunch at the food court, chinese which is always my favorite! Yummy!  When we finally went to Barnes and Noble I felt like a tornado running through snatching up books left and right, I had quite a little mountain.  It was torture having to go through and select a few to purchase.  I still ended up spending nearly 100 dollars on them.  I am so satisfied tho with my selections, reviews will be coming so be looking for them!
love the Element Encyclopedias, I have quite a few.

This so far is a very interesting read.

love anything with weird history.
new goal is to watch every single movie in this

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The novel of the manga and issue number 7.

After the expensive book shop we also swung by my favorite used book store.  I managed to find some more awesome reads.

The whole series I believe

this was just to cute to pass up, going to use it as a decorative book on my table.

happy birthday to me!
I think I had a pretty good birthday and have so many good reads to go through.  I am a pretty happy girl :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I can't wait to fall in Love

It's time for celebrate the Practical Magic Blog party today!!
Let's celebrate by popping in the movie and reciting each line word for word since I have it memorized then we can create our own true love spell.
  • My perfect man would have...
  • Hazel eyes that sparkle like fire when he looks toward the sun...
  • A sense of humor that can make even the most cold-hearted witch laugh...
  • Warm strong arms that give such comforting hugs...
  • Kisses that make me feel all soft and loved...

and luckily my man exists!! He is my wonderful fiance who I owe a huge debt of my happiness too, he gave me my two most precious possessions,  our little babies.  He makes me feel good about myself when all I see around me is pain.  I'm glad that my "amas veritas" is a fairy tale come true.

What I found so moving in the movie was the love that the Owens had for each other, they stuck by each other through the turmoil they faced.  I can only hope that my family can be each others support like the Owens were for each other.
I wait with baited breath for the day my daughter and I can practice magic in the kitchen

and we shall wear dress up clothes all day and night

we shall have many black cats with strange names like Sabbat and Grimalkin
and we shall love, we shall love with everything that we have inside us

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mabon 2010

We celebrated our thanksgiving with a yummy dinner of tater-tot casserole, then set up our altar in Fall colors and pumpkins, also some photos of what we are most thankful for.  My oldest helped me this year, I'm very proud of him.  We held a gratitude ritual and wrote out what we were most thankful for then tied it and burned it to the Goddess and God, then we went outside and beneath the Harvest moon we performed a Home & Hearth protection ritual.  It was a beautiful evening and so glad that Fall is finally upon us! Time for beautiful leaves, crisp air and Halloween!! I'm so proud of my son for helping me with the ritual tonight, I hope he takes something meaningful for it.

A cauldron of the earth from my yard for the home & hearth protection ritual.  So shall I say it, so mote it be.
the beautiful Harvest moon
my son and I, he's basically skyclad for the ritual :)
My son and I, he is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received,
Mabon altar 2010
I am so thankful for my children and my fiance, without them my world would be so empty.  I am thankful everyday that the Goddess allowed my partner to come into my life so we could create such amazing miracles together.
I am thankful for my strong body even though I put it through so much pain and turmoil, my feet still stand strong beneath myself holding me up to face the world.
I am thankful for my friends that are there for me through thick and thin, who liked me despite my anger and my little ticks.  I am glad I have them to make my life so much more fun.
I am thankful for the home over my head, thankful we have been here going on 2 years and have not had to move.  Thankful we have a place we can really call home and stay at till we are ready to move on.
I am thankful the Goddess came into my life when I was so young and open so I can learn and create in her honor.
I am thankful for another year to learn and grow, to love and prosper with my family and friends.  
Here's to another interesting and glorious year!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Went over to my home town to walk the railroad tracks and pick up some railroad ties.  Planning on using them in a Mabon home & hearth spell for protection.  I found this ritual on a site online, and just felt it was perfect for my Mabon celebrations. 
 This ritual is a simple one designed to place a barrier of harmony and security around your property. You can do this as a family group, as a coven, or even as a solitary. If you live in an apartment, feel free to adapt the rite as necessary. The key here is to focus on the perimeter of your personal space
Here's How:
  1. You'll need the following items:
    • A bowl of fresh earth from your yard
    • An assortment of iron nails (I'm using railroad spikes )
    • A brown or green candle to represent the land
    There is no need to cast a circle before beginning this rite, because you will be casting a magical perimeter as part of the working.
  2. Begin at the entrance to your property that sees the most traffic. If you have a yard and house, this will likely be the end of the driveway, where it connects to the street. If you live in an apartment or town home, you may wish to use your front door, or the hallway in front of your door. You may want to put your supplies on a tray or in a bag, if you're doing this alone. If you have other people participating, give each person some items to carry. You can do this rite at any time of the day, although evening may be better if you don't want your neighbors to come over and ask what you're up to.
  3. Place the bowl of earth at the entrance to your property. If you like, you can place it on a table, or you can just set it on the ground. Place your hands into the bowl, and feel the cool soil on your fingertips. Feel the energy of the earth, traveling from the ground, up into the bowl, through the dirt, and into you.
  4. Focus on the bowl of earth, and say:
    Earth, symbol of security and stability, bring peace and harmony into my home at this season of thanksgiving. May my family be well, my house be a haven, and my table be one of hospitality. May the earth, the soil, the land, ground me and protect me and those whom I love, and that which I call mine. My property shall be a safe place, a secure place, a harmonious place for all those who enter. As I will, so it shall be.
  5. Leave the bowl in place, and begin slowly walking around the perimeter of your property, traveling in a deosil, or clockwise, direction. Feel the energy of your land, and the way in which you connect with it. Is there a tree you particularly love? Or the big rock where the kids always sit? Or that weird piece of root that you trip over every time? Consider why your property is home instead of just a place to live. Even if you live in an apartment, you can do this -- what about that creaky spot by the door that your mom always hears when you come in late? All of these make a house personal and connect us to it.
  6. Periodically -- and depending on how many iron nails or railroad ties you've got -- stop and touch the ground. Drive a nail or spike into the dirt - iron is known as a protective material throughout many cultures. As you push it into the earth, say:
    Iron spike, in the ground, protect my home, my family and me. Keep out that which would cause us harm.
  7. Repeat this with each iron nail or spike, until you've placed a protective barrier around your property. By now, you should have returned to your bowl of earth at the entrance. Light the green or brown candle, and place it within the bowl. Pack the earth lightly around it so that the candle doesn’t topple over. Say:/p]
    Dark and light, equal parts at the time of Mabon. Fire and earth, together. Balance, harmony, security, these things shall be mine.
  8. If there is a particular deity of your tradition that represents hearth and home, now might be a good time to call upon them asking for assistance. If you do so, be sure to make an offering in their honor. If you choose not to call upon deity at this time, just take a few moments to reflect on your home life, and the things that mean security to you. When you are finished, bring the bowl with the candle inside, and place it in a spot where all can see -- on your hearth, or the kitchen table -- and allow it to sit until the candle goes out. When the candle has burned away, return the earth to your property.

    Perfect right? I can't wait :)
    here's some photos from the trip I thought I would share!
    visited the cemetery while we were there, this one was one I spent countless afternoons playing in as a kid.  Seems like an eternity ago.
    my little nugget and I
    so glad to be walking this path with my children

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mabon Prosperity candles

My friend and I performed a simple circle the other night to carve our prosperity candles.  It was his first one and he did pretty decent, he didn't laugh at me anyway!! Thought I would share the photos from that night.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Halloween decorations

Finally dug out my Halloween decorations and bought some new ones at the dollar store.  Yay!!
cute little girly skeletons I'm gonna hang on the walls
this was just a plain wreath circle, I made the star to go in the center
with pretty fall leaves, interchangeable for different seasons
love the shoe
I love Halloween and the fall, so glad it's finally here!! It's already getting pretty chilly outside.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sister pact

My ex best friend and I once performed a "sister pact" circle.  My friend and I had been as close as sisters since we were in middle school, we were like night and day.  I was the light and she was the dark, attached at the hip.  We suffered together with the loss of our mothers, formed bonds over anorexia and self-injury, depression and heartache.  Feeding off each others pain. Before long we both imploded on each other and bitterly "broke up."  A couple years later after I gave birth to my son we happened to run into each other again since we lived on the same block, we reconnected and everything in our past seemed to be wiped clean.  We spent evenings wondering outside picking flowers and calling to the fae, casting circles together and drinking strawberry wine.  We were once again light and day so we decided to make another sister pact.  We called the Goddess down to bless us as we mixed our own special potion of Clover, Lavender, Yarrow, Devils Staff and an assortment of other ingredients.  We slit our palms and shared our blood "your blood, my blood, our blood."  All this and I felt like maybe we were on the path to healing.  
Then I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child and my sister disappeared.  Her husband and her had been having issues with their own fertility, I believe from her lack of periods and her still present eating disorder they were not able to conceive.  I believe she was angry with me because I became pregnant with no issues and she wanted a child so bad and wasn't becoming pregnant.  She moved and cut ties with me and I haven't seen her but maybe twice in the last 2 years.  I wish our pact had kept us close, I wish more then anything she feels my love for her still and I can only hope the Goddess will bring her back to me today.  We are day and night, just like Sally & Gillian Owens.  I love her and hope we can be together again someday, just like we promised, a couple of old biddies with a bunch of cats and die on the same day.

combining our "Sister potion"
the circle
calling the Goddess
blessing our potion
your blood, my blood, our blood
My Bee & I holding the potion