Thursday, September 30, 2010

My birthday

It was my 23rd birthday yesterday! I'm still reeling in the thought that I am moving further and further away from my youth.  Looking back I never would have thought I would have my two beautiful children by now, but am I so glad that changed.  For my big day the little fairies stayed over with my fiance's parents.  The night before we went out for dinner like we usually do, I choose a restaurant called "Applebee's" and we had some yummy food and drinks.
yummy kiwi-melon Sangria
Then the next day one of my best friends Stacy and her sister took my fiance and I to our capital to do some shopping at the mall.  I had a nice little stash of money to go book shopping so I was pretty excited.  We stopped by a used clothing store called "Platos closet" and I was able to find myself a pair of pants for 10 bucks which is a steal and a miracle since I'm so short it's hard to find pants! We went to the mall next through the Barnes and Noble entrance but I closed my eyes as we walked through *giggles*  I found my little fae a ADORABLE dress that I had to buy, pictures are below.  She's my punk rock little princess.

I had to get my little fairy girl a punk rock princess dress.

Here's my bestie and I trying on lacy hats and flowers looking oh  so beautiful    
I managed to find a cute little pink shirt at Pacsun for 2 bucks, we went through Hot Topic of course but everything was way out of my budget.  A sweater for 40 dollars is a little pricey methinks.  We had lunch at the food court, chinese which is always my favorite! Yummy!  When we finally went to Barnes and Noble I felt like a tornado running through snatching up books left and right, I had quite a little mountain.  It was torture having to go through and select a few to purchase.  I still ended up spending nearly 100 dollars on them.  I am so satisfied tho with my selections, reviews will be coming so be looking for them!
love the Element Encyclopedias, I have quite a few.

This so far is a very interesting read.

love anything with weird history.
new goal is to watch every single movie in this

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The novel of the manga and issue number 7.

After the expensive book shop we also swung by my favorite used book store.  I managed to find some more awesome reads.

The whole series I believe

this was just to cute to pass up, going to use it as a decorative book on my table.

happy birthday to me!
I think I had a pretty good birthday and have so many good reads to go through.  I am a pretty happy girl :D

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  1. Happy Birthday,my youngest daughter is also 23.

    What series of books is that piled up?