Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sister pact

My ex best friend and I once performed a "sister pact" circle.  My friend and I had been as close as sisters since we were in middle school, we were like night and day.  I was the light and she was the dark, attached at the hip.  We suffered together with the loss of our mothers, formed bonds over anorexia and self-injury, depression and heartache.  Feeding off each others pain. Before long we both imploded on each other and bitterly "broke up."  A couple years later after I gave birth to my son we happened to run into each other again since we lived on the same block, we reconnected and everything in our past seemed to be wiped clean.  We spent evenings wondering outside picking flowers and calling to the fae, casting circles together and drinking strawberry wine.  We were once again light and day so we decided to make another sister pact.  We called the Goddess down to bless us as we mixed our own special potion of Clover, Lavender, Yarrow, Devils Staff and an assortment of other ingredients.  We slit our palms and shared our blood "your blood, my blood, our blood."  All this and I felt like maybe we were on the path to healing.  
Then I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child and my sister disappeared.  Her husband and her had been having issues with their own fertility, I believe from her lack of periods and her still present eating disorder they were not able to conceive.  I believe she was angry with me because I became pregnant with no issues and she wanted a child so bad and wasn't becoming pregnant.  She moved and cut ties with me and I haven't seen her but maybe twice in the last 2 years.  I wish our pact had kept us close, I wish more then anything she feels my love for her still and I can only hope the Goddess will bring her back to me today.  We are day and night, just like Sally & Gillian Owens.  I love her and hope we can be together again someday, just like we promised, a couple of old biddies with a bunch of cats and die on the same day.

combining our "Sister potion"
the circle
calling the Goddess
blessing our potion
your blood, my blood, our blood
My Bee & I holding the potion

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