Friday, October 8, 2010

Betrayel is never fun

I needed to vent a little bit so I decided to come here where I knew not many people would see it or judge me.  I found out some information today that I wasn't supposed too.  My best friend leaves his computer here at my house for me to use.  Instead of logging onto my account today something was messing up so I had to sign onto the admin account.  I opened up the internet and saw my friend leaves his facebook, twitter accounts signed in.  I happened to see that he was talking about me... some of the phrases that come to mind are basically saying I am a user because I have my friend take me places and that I was a awful friend.  Seems he had hacked into my facebook and read all my personal messages between myself and some other friends, and now he thinks I do not love him enough or as much as the other friends.  
For one my friend offered to take me places I needed to go, and if it ever was going to be a problem he should have told me.  And if an awful friend is one who listens to his depressive rants and pulls him away from suicide over and over again that must be me!
The thing that really bothers me is instead of talking to me about his issues he decides to go onto a public place and pulling the"poor me poor me" card out and doing it for attention so he has other people joining in on this without knowing both sides of the story and calling me names.  I specifically remember someone referring to me as a skank and my supposed to be best friend did nothing to defend me.
My friend suffers from some severe depression and I try to be there for him but I cannot deal with him doing this.  I don't know what to do.


  1. I don't know how seriously you should take it. People almost always need to vent about other people in their lives. The closer they are, the more need of a safe place to vent. I'm not saying he's doing the right thing. Definitely, I'd have issues with him going public. Does he have other close friends to whom he can safely talk in private? Is the public venue the only route for him?

  2. He has only a couple friends he really talks to, myself and one other. I understand the need to vent because I do the same thing, but the things hes saying are completely false and damaging to me. It just hurts.

  3. Vents usually are false or exaggerated. You have every right to feel betrayed and hurt. But, if he only has a couple of people to talk to, he probably just doesn't know where to turn when he feels like griping. And, if he gripes about you, it probably makes him feel better about himself.

    I'm sorry that this happened to you. Obviously, you don't deserve it. I hope the two of you find some way to heal this rift and work things out.

  4. Thank you, I hope so too. He was my closest friend, but now I just feel so hurt. Maybe if we take a break it'll be better soon.