Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"The Changeling" movie #3 for 31 Days of Halloween horror fest

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It was the perfect family vacation for composer John Russell and his family when a freak automobile accident claims the lives of his wife and daughter. Consumed by grief, John, at the request of friends, rents an old turn of the century house. Mammoth in size, the house seems all the room that John needs to write music and reflect. He does not realize that he is not alone in the house. He shares it with the spirit of a murdered child who has homed in on John's despair and uses him to uncover decades of silence and deceit. With the help of Claire Norman, the one who aided John in procuring the house, they race to find the answers and soon learn that a devious and very powerful man guards them.
A 1980 film starring George C. Scott, and Trish Van Devere.
 We begin the movie in upstate new york during winter watching a family pushing a car that obviously broke down.  A man, his wife and daughter.  They reach a phone booth and the man, John, walks over to call for some assistance.  We seem at ease as the wife and daughter begin tossing snowballs at each other in play.  A car and truck approaches from opposite ways along the road, that's when the tone of the music begins to change.  We watch in horror as the car spins out and the truck swerves, John fights the telephone booth doors calling out to his doomed family.  Then his family is struck from the world in a split second and we watch as John collapses against his glass prison in shock.

We are quickly immersed in the story of a poor man who lost his wife and child, we watch as he chooses to keep his daughters toy ball as a memento for her short life.  I was so saddened by the piano music that played and the sadness that lingered in his eyes. 
The house that John leases is amazingly beautiful, from what I could tell a mansion in its own right.

We meet the Historic society that had leased the house, Claire their worker and the Gardner (which I can't help but love for his name Mr. Tuttle).  He settles into a routine, playing beautiful music on the piano.  I can't help but notice how beautiful the scenery in this movie was, the sets were so delicious.  A feast for the eyes if you watched.  The movie is a bit of a slow burner, but this story is a beautiful piece, a chilling ghost story.  The creaks and groans of the house made my heart pound, when we finally hear the voice of the ghost I about gasped out loud.  I won't go into much more detail from here because I do not want to ruin the story for anyone but I do highly recommend this movie.  It is a wonderful ghost story, and a truly amazing story.  I give this movie 5 out of 5 skulls

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